Echos Off The Canyon Wall

Our guide stopped the Jeep and pulled his jacket, an NFL Steelers vintage, close around his aging frame. He was a Navajo man, russet brown in complexion, with a braided ponytail of salt-and-pepper hair. When he spoke, it was with an undulating accent that I remember hearing in the movie Windtalkers, about Navajo soldiers in World … Continue reading Echos Off The Canyon Wall


Travel Is A Wise Teacher

Not too long ago, a friend and I were grabbing happy hour drinks in Midtown East. As per usual, conversations accompanied by alcohol inspired more free-formed discussions. We talked about life in the city, our favorite technology companies, and upcoming travel destinations. An interesting place had recently planted itself in my future and I was … Continue reading Travel Is A Wise Teacher

Our Own Jurassic Park

Beware of rambling below: It’s funny how as you get older it’s easy to see order through the chaos. Those seemingly indistinguishable blimps, the outliers, come into focus when compared to the whole noisy signal. They mean something, highlighting the dysfunction. Like a geologist of my own mind, I’m able to look back through entire … Continue reading Our Own Jurassic Park